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Minister Of Music

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Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church is looking for a God fearing, spirit filled, energetic and detail-oriented music director. The music director's responsibilities include holding choir rehearsals, rehearsal schedules, selecting music, delegating tasks and working with all music components in the ministry.

1. POSITION: Music Director.

2. Salary: Negotiable

3. Expectations/Duties and Responsibilities

Adhere to the following responsibilities, duties and expectations.

• Sign a one-year contract to be renewed annually

• Work directly under the Pastors of Metropolitan African Methodist

Episcopal Church. Weekly directives will come from Co-Pastor, Rev, Henrietta Sullivan Mkwanazi who serves as our Pastor of Worship and Administration.

• Currently only the Voices of Praise is functioning due to the pandemic. The Voices of Praise is a small group of about 5-7 people. Our focus at this juncture is praise and worship.

• We have three (3) choirs – The Mass Choir, Male Choir, The Voices of Praise. Due to the pandemic only one (1) choir is functioning – The Voices of Praise.

• Provide vocal and instrumental demonstrations where necessary.

• Become familiar with the African Methodist Episcopal Church Order of Service. Guidance will be given by Co-Pastor Henrietta Sullivan Mkwanazi

• Be amenable to Church Annual Calendar to include the following

I. Weekly rehearsal(s). Due to the pandemic, rehearsals can be I person or virtually.

II. Sunday Worship service(s). We currently have only one service on Sundays.

III. Midweek Service on Wednesdays. Our Midweek service is currently aired virtually. However, the Music Director will be required to provide necessary music to enhance the worship, teaching and learning experience during our Midweek Services.

IV. Assist with appropriate music while pastors and guest Ministers are preaching. During the pandemic the Music Director will be expected to be present during the recording of weekly Sunday Morning sermons.

V. Stay up to date on development and trends in church music.


I. Conduct Annual Music Workshops for the choir. Organize musicals for special days (Christmas, New Year's Celebration, Easter Celebration.

II. Accompany the Pastors to their various preaching engagements and bring the choirs(s) when requested to do so.

III. Be available to play for special occasions to include funerals, district meetings, annual conferences, convectional meetings, when ever Metropolitan is hosting. Revivals(once or twice a year). Annual Days – Man’s Day; Woman’s Day and Individual Ministry Annual Day as prescribed in the Church Calendar.

IV. Develop a young adult – collegian choir.

Any interested applicants please email your resume to Please do not mail them to the church office.

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