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2020 Mandate & Vision

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WE WILL INTENTIONALLY GLORIFY GOD. We will work as a unified body of believers and remind ourselves that we are a part of the eternal plan of God that climaxes with glory and continues to give God all the praise. We will remind ourselves of the old age cliché “it makes no difference who gets the credit so long as God gets the glory.” We will glorify God by how we use our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), by our willingness to sacrifice (Philippians 1:19-20), through our giving money, time and talent, by being good stewards of all that God gives us.

WE WILL INTENTIONALLY EMBRACE THE TOOLS OF MINISTRY – WORD AND PRAYER. We will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word. We will continue to cultivate a culture of prayer that is rooted on the premise that a church that prays is a church that excels. We cannot pray and not succeed. Prayer lays the foundation for spiritual warfare and victory. We will equally embrace the study of the word of God. God wants us to build a balanced church. If we have all prayer and no Word, we will have heat without light. We will participate in all our biblical forums (Wednesday Bible study – Noon and Night, Women’s Bible Study (Women 2 Women), Men’s Bible Study (Men’s Breakfast and Fellowship), Church School.

WE WILL INTENTIONALLY RECOGNIZE AND SUBMIT UNDER THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. It was the power of the Holy Spirit that energized the early church and we need the power of the Holy Spirit today. We will cultivate a Spirit- Filled worship service by enhancing and providing Spirit-Filed worship and praise music. We will be intentional about our worship and praise. This year we will hire a praise and worship leader. The right and appropriate praise and worship music will create the right atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to take control of our worship and create an environment of miracles, deliverance and healing.

WE WILL INTENTIONALLY MODEL AFTER JESUS CHRIST AND MAKE HIM THE CENTER OF OUR MINISTRY. Much is being said today about “role models” for ministry. The truth of the matter is that Jesus Christ is the one and only role model that the church must model after. The world must see Jesus in our lives and recognize that we are voices through which Jesus speaks. When we idealize and imitate Jesus Christ, we become more of what He wants us to be and we grow in ministry. Our aim must and will be to lead others to Christ. Our church must be the center of salvation. Our motive and our goal must be to lead as many to Christ as we can.

WE WILL INTENTIONALLY EMBRACE THE PRIVILEGE OF MINISTRY – GROWTH. We will engage in our ongoing STRATEGIC PLANNING to implement an environment of growth and ministry. Our growth will be MINISTRY centered and driven. 

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